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How To Install Your Patches On Nord Keyboards

All videos courtesy of Nord Keyboards.

Make sure you download the bundle files that contain both Programs and pianos/samples. The bundle file extension will be .ns3fb

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Nord Sound Manager.

  • Connect the Nord keyboard to your computer with a USB cable.

  • In Nord Sound Manager, select the Program tab and select an empty bank from the Bank dropdown menu.

  • Drag the bundle file onto the Program area. Optionally use the Sound Down/Bundle Down icon of the Nord Sound Manager toolbar and browse to the folder or bundle in the dialog.

You will need the Nord Sound Manager software to transfer files to your keyboard, and it is available for Windows and Mac:

To learn how to use the Nord Sound Manager, you can refer to the videos at the download link, alternatively, those same videos are also posted below for reference:

Quick Guide: Working with Bundles

Quick Guide: How to transfer a piano

Quick Guide: How to transfer a sample

Extended Features

Adding New Pianos and Samples

Organizing Programs

Bundles, Backup and Restore

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